I am an Apple fan and I would like to see some very specific things from the company this year. I want Apple to continue to make great products and doing great things for the users of the products. Apple has made some questionable choices lately and it appears they may be about to do so again.

The number one thing I want from Apple is to improve the network services. They need to do something that Microsoft does when needed which is to see a need and retool the companies processes to address it. They need to have all the engineering groups collaborating on using the services they provide. iTunes should actually play songs from the radio stations instead of playing one and stopping which happens to me frequently. iCloud needs to actually work well and be invisible. Come on Apple I want it to just work. I created a two line note on my Mac the other day and iCloud synced only the first word of the note to my other devices. This made me pretty miffed that they couldn’t get that right.

Apple please continue fixing bugs in Mac OS X and iOS. I would rather see that than big new features. The Mac OS is in pretty good shape although I would like to see a developer or pro mode added that is less restrictive than the current El Capitan version. I use Mac’s for development work, Apple don’t make that more difficult. Once nice improvement though would be to rework the iOS launcher and make it something really nice. This probably the one new feature I really like to see.

I would like to update my iPad mini this year since the one I have only has 16GB of storage space which is not enough for any iPad. Apple bump the base storage to 32 or 64GB on all the iOS devices please. I would the like the iPads all brought up to date with 3D touch support. I would really a reason to buy a new iPad other than being tired of being constrained on storage space.

I presume there are new MacBook Pro’s coming once Intel can make enough of the Skylake revision of processors for them. It would be nice if they had OLED screens. I don’t know if I will be in the market for a new laptop this year but I want Apple’s hardware to continue to be the best.

Here’s one last issue I want to address and that is the fairly consistent rumor going around now that Apple is looking to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone. I use the headphone jack all the time and I bet most people do as well. If Apple drops it they better have a very compelling story about why it’s good for me as the user. Otherwise will probably just replace my iPhone 6 with last year’s 6S rather than the newest thing. It wouldn’t be enough to get me to switch to an Android device but it would get me thinking about whether or not I wanted to stay in the Apple ecosystem.