Thanksgiving was last week and we had a good time. We usually do a turkey and all the sides on Thanksgiving just for us and my wife whipped it all together in no time flat.

We watched a couple of very lopsided football games on tv before the main event in the evening which was the Bears at the Packers. I wouldn’t have been surprised if that game had gone as poorly for the Bears as the other games that day. The Bears offense played really well and the defense played better than they have in a couple of years. The refs seemed to be trying to help Green Bay with some bogus calls against the Bears but to no avail. The Bears defense kept the Packers from scoring on the final drive and pulled off a win in Green Bay for the first time in Jay Cutler’s career. We were blown away by the win and called it a night very happily.

Our family get togethers were on Saturday and we got to see our brothers and their families which doesn’t happen often enough. I got to take pictures with my new camera and it was a lot of fun.

My wife had to work on the Friday unfortunately so the kids and I were low key in the morning and then after lunch I introduced my daughter to Star Wars by watching ‘A New Hope’. I hope to get the next two movies watched in time for us to see the new Star Wars movie in the theater.