D’OH! Today I broke my streak of not dropping my phone on a hard surface by dropping my iPhone in a parking lot. The screen is ok but there are now two good sized dings in it. I am on my third iPhone as I have had the 3G/4/5 and I am hoping to pick up a 6 later this year. I have always treated my iPhones really well.

Before I got my first iPhone I had a Motorola flip phone that flipped out out my hand every other time I took it out of my pocket. The screen was busted on it and I was really happy to upgrade to a smartphone.  I made sure to keep my iPhone 3G and 4 in a case but I never really liked them. When I got the 5 I decided to forgo a case and for almost two years I had no problems and my phone was in like new condition.

The next time I get a new iPhone I will probably pick up a case of some sort for it if I can find a super slim one.