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Skipped Spring Again

It looks like this is another year where we only had Spring for a week. It’s warm enough in the house I had to turn the A/C on. I much prefer the days I can open the windows and be comfortable.

January Arrives Early

People have been saying that this winter would be bad and I was hoping they were wrong because last winter was so bitterly cold. Then a big storm hit Alaska and pushed a bunch of arctic air down over the Midwest and Eastern part of the country and it’s like January here now. Yesterday it got down to 10℉ and man I am not ready for the bitter cold yet.

It is supposed to warm up some this weekend but it’s going to be rainy so it won’t actually be any nicer weather wise. I think it may be one long winter this year.

Wreckage of the Storm

Driving into work today was something else. We had around a half foot of snow fall the day before yesterday on top of the icy conditions on the ground. This made for some very slick conditions on the Interstate. I have never seen so many wrecks beside the road as I saw today. The wrecked vehicles I saw looked like they had been blown up.

I will be very relieved once this horrible winter is over.

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