Toys’R Us was running a sale last week on Nintendo DS games buy one get one half off. The new Pokemon games Black and White had come out the same week. We were having my son’s birthday parties on Saturday and I was keeping his little sister occupied until it was time for the parties. I called the toy store to see if the sale applied to new releases and the clerk told me it did so we went over there and I picked the two games.

I had never played a Pokemon game before but I was interested. The chance to pick up one for half price persuaded me to pick one up. After all the parties had wound down I brought the games out and gave the one my son wanted to him and I took the other one. I then ended up spending most of Sunday playing the game. I can see how kids get sucked into those games they are a combination of a strategy game and a collectable card game.

Playing a game at the same time as my son is a lot of fun. We are both pretty into it. I don’t think the game would be nearly as much fun if I was playing by myself. My son who has played several of the previous Pokemon games is farther along than I am and he keeps trying to give me pointers and tell me where I should be going. I keep having to tell him “No spoilers”.