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2015 Wrap Up

December was an interesting month for us. The high school band made it’s trip to Arizona to play in the Fiesta Bowl parade something they had been working towards all year. Evan had a good time going on the trip and playing in the parade. They got back to the high school after 5am on the day school was to resume after Christmas break. The band students got an excused absense for the day. Evan went to bed when he got home and slept until I woke him up at 3pm.

We took the kids to see the new Star Wars movie before the Christmas break. We all enjoyed seeing it.

I had time off work over the break and spent it with Autumn mostly relaxing. She has become obsessed with Pokemon at the same age her brother was which I find quite entertaining.


Thanksgiving was last week and we had a good time. We usually do a turkey and all the sides on Thanksgiving just for us and my wife whipped it all together in no time flat.

We watched a couple of very lopsided football games on tv before the main event in the evening which was the Bears at the Packers. I wouldn’t have been surprised if that game had gone as poorly for the Bears as the other games that day. The Bears offense played really well and the defense played better than they have in a couple of years. The refs seemed to be trying to help Green Bay with some bogus calls against the Bears but to no avail. The Bears defense kept the Packers from scoring on the final drive and pulled off a win in Green Bay for the first time in Jay Cutler’s career. We were blown away by the win and called it a night very happily.

Our family get togethers were on Saturday and we got to see our brothers and their families which doesn’t happen often enough. I got to take pictures with my new camera and it was a lot of fun.

My wife had to work on the Friday unfortunately so the kids and I were low key in the morning and then after lunch I introduced my daughter to Star Wars by watching ‘A New Hope’. I hope to get the next two movies watched in time for us to see the new Star Wars movie in the theater.

MSHS Marching Band 2015 Wrap Up

The MSHS marching band wrap up was last night and it was a lot fun to see. Mr. Stevens the band director does a super job with the kids and put on a good show. The western themed song the kids are going to do in the Fiesta Bowl parade sounded great.

School Registration Stresses Us Out

Well the Mahomet school district fall registration was yesterday and they managed to stress out both my wife and I.

My wife went by the High School at lunch time to register my son and even though she had done the first part of the registration online they made her get in line to to see if it was done. The registrars didn’t have their act together and they were selling planners/directories/yearbooks but the lines were awful and there was no information available.

My son had band practice at the High School in the evening so my wife asked me to see if I could get any information on ordering a yearbook and to see I could pick up a planner/directory. The lines weren’t to bad but I wasn’t expecting it to require cash for the planner and directory. I hardly ever carry cash on me so those items took all the cash I had on hand at the moment. I managed to talk to one of the high school girls running the yearbook table and grab an order form that can be turned in at the office in September.

My wife said the registration process for our daughter went pretty well while I was at the High School. This year is going to be kind of crazy.

Summer at Home

With the kids returning to school in about a week I thought I would talk about what we have been up to this summer. I started working for a small software consultancy after my previous employeer ran out of money to fund the project my team was working on. My new employeer stays lean by working in a distributed fashion so I have been working from home this summer.

Being home has been nice since my son is to old for daycare and to young to get a summer job. I have been able to have lunch with him most days and drop him off at band camp when he needed it. He had a very busy 8th grade and 9th grade may make 8th look like a cake walk. He has been relaxing and doing activities he enjoys since once school starts he may not have time to himself until Thanksgiving. I have tried to keep him busy doing chores and mowing the lawn so he doesn’t completely veg out.

My daughter has been going to daycare most of the week since they take field trips, play outside, and go swimming. She has stayed home a few days and played quitely while I work which gives her some much needed down time as well.

At the end of May we got a kitten from the Human Society and he’s been interesting. He hasn’t chewed up to many things yet although I have lost a lightning cable and a headphone cable to him. He is either really nice or he’s trying to bite and there doesn’t seem to be much in-between yet. If he learns to use the litter box all the time he can stay but he’s had a few incidents of not using it so he’s on a kind of double-secrect probation right now.

My wife has been trying to whip the inside of the house into shape and clear out the junk out of the kids rooms before school starts.

This summer has been unusually cool. This is almost the middle of August and I think it only got to 70 degrees today. So it’s been really comfortable in the house but this weather weirds me out since it’s so different from the norm I grew up with. August in the Midwest is usually a hot and humid misery. Last winter was super cold so it may just be a hangover from that.

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