With the kids returning to school in about a week I thought I would talk about what we have been up to this summer. I started working for a small software consultancy after my previous employeer ran out of money to fund the project my team was working on. My new employeer stays lean by working in a distributed fashion so I have been working from home this summer.

Being home has been nice since my son is to old for daycare and to young to get a summer job. I have been able to have lunch with him most days and drop him off at band camp when he needed it. He had a very busy 8th grade and 9th grade may make 8th look like a cake walk. He has been relaxing and doing activities he enjoys since once school starts he may not have time to himself until Thanksgiving. I have tried to keep him busy doing chores and mowing the lawn so he doesn’t completely veg out.

My daughter has been going to daycare most of the week since they take field trips, play outside, and go swimming. She has stayed home a few days and played quitely while I work which gives her some much needed down time as well.

At the end of May we got a kitten from the Human Society and he’s been interesting. He hasn’t chewed up to many things yet although I have lost a lightning cable and a headphone cable to him. He is either really nice or he’s trying to bite and there doesn’t seem to be much in-between yet. If he learns to use the litter box all the time he can stay but he’s had a few incidents of not using it so he’s on a kind of double-secrect probation right now.

My wife has been trying to whip the inside of the house into shape and clear out the junk out of the kids rooms before school starts.

This summer has been unusually cool. This is almost the middle of August and I think it only got to 70 degrees today. So it’s been really comfortable in the house but this weather weirds me out since it’s so different from the norm I grew up with. August in the Midwest is usually a hot and humid misery. Last winter was super cold so it may just be a hangover from that.