Well the Mahomet school district fall registration was yesterday and they managed to stress out both my wife and I.

My wife went by the High School at lunch time to register my son and even though she had done the first part of the registration online they made her get in line to to see if it was done. The registrars didn’t have their act together and they were selling planners/directories/yearbooks but the lines were awful and there was no information available.

My son had band practice at the High School in the evening so my wife asked me to see if I could get any information on ordering a yearbook and to see I could pick up a planner/directory. The lines weren’t to bad but I wasn’t expecting it to require cash for the planner and directory. I hardly ever carry cash on me so those items took all the cash I had on hand at the moment. I managed to talk to one of the high school girls running the yearbook table and grab an order form that can be turned in at the office in September.

My wife said the registration process for our daughter went pretty well while I was at the High School. This year is going to be kind of crazy.