I had never been to the circus before and when I saw that Ringling Brothers was coming to the Champaign Assembly Hall I thought the kids and I would get a kick out it. I bought four tickets as soon as they were available and we ended up with some pretty good seats really close to action. The show included magic tricks, tumblers, dogs and cats performing tricks, acrobats, lions and performing elephants. My son and I really enjoyed the show while my daughter was not really engaged.

I enjoyed the magic and the Asian tumblers who jumped through a burning ring. My wife remarked the lions just looked kind of pitiful and she was right. The elephants seemed to be in much better shape.

It seemed like the circus company was making most of their money on concessions and cheap plastic toys of which purchased. I probably paid half as much as the four tickets cost for popcorn/cotton candy and a toy for each of the kids. It still made for a fun day out with the family.