I got a Amazon Kindle ebook reader for Christmas last year and I have come to love it. I love to read and I have been buying books since I was fourteen years old. I think a printed book is just about perfect. However I am starting drown under the mountain of books I have. When Amazon announced the Kindle 3 with it’s much better eink screen I started considering a new way to consume books.

I put authors on two levels those whose books I buy immediately and I will always treasure and those who I enjoy but probably won’t read again. I decided in order to not be buried under books I could use a Kindle for reading books I don’t have to have in print. This has worked very well for me so far. The Kindle version of a book is usually discounted at least a dollar or two and it is very convenient to get a book delivered to the Kindle as soon as I decide to buy it.

A few other nice perks of using the Kindle are sending articles from the web to the Kindle to read. I found a Google Chrome browser plugin Send to Kindle that does just that. You can also setup the website Instapaper to send a digest of web pages you have saved to your Kindle each week. These features make the Kindle a device I have quickly come to love almost as much as an Apple product.

I am stilling buying physical books from my favorite authors and I will continue to do so as long as it is feasible. I also buy physical copies of computer books because I like to use them as reference material. All in all I am enjoying the Kindle even more than I thought I would.