Last nights World Series game was exciting and frustrating. The Cardinals scored 2 runs early in the game. Lance Lynne was on fire from the pitching mound. Then in the middle innings Lynne went off the rails and started walking hitters. Matheny left Lynne in to long and when he finally took him out he left the reliever in a bad spot. The reliever left a hanging sinker out over the plate and the Red Sox batter hit it out of the park.

The Cards were down 4 to 2 in the ninth inning when they started to get some traction with two outs. They had a man on first and they substituted a pinch runner for him. The batter was one of the Cards power hitters. Halfway through the at bat the Fox producers start showing crowd shots. While doing this the Red Sox pitcher throws to first base and the first baseman tags the runner out and the game is over.

Between the terrible production and the even worse booth commentary last nights game left me pissed off. The Cards lost and I didn’t get to see the play that ended the game when it happened. Way to go Fox.