I have decided to give WordPress another try. I already run my own virtual private server so it’s not a big deal to install PHP and setup WordPress. I have not been real happy with the other blogging solutions I have tried. Jekyll is nice but I want something a little more functional with more design options. I have never had the traffic to really benefit from a static site.

I have been really disappointed in the blog/CMS packages that have come from the Ruby community. When I use Refinery CMS I do nothing but fight with it and the development team isn’t very responsive at all.  It seems like their really isn’t a go to CMS solution in the Ruby/Rails space and that’s a real downer since I believe a good product could give WordPress a run for it’s money. The JavaScript community is ramping up a new open source blogging platform called Ghost but it’s still to early to provide a lot of value and it’s editor breaks spelling correction via the browser which is a no go for me.

WordPress just released version 3.9 and it’s really nice. The theming and customization offered is pretty good. You really need to install the Jetpack plugin though to get the most out of it. The wide variety of themes is unbeatable and really very nice. I am using a free theme that I got through the builtin WordPress theme browser along with some custom css I wrote and applied through a Jetpack feature.

It didn’t take me very long to get PHP and WordPress setup. The time I spent customizing my theme was pretty minimal. Now I have a very nice CMS that is setup and actually working.