There is a lot of “Functional High Ground” commentary going around about Apple recently and how their software has become buggier and less functional. I am so annoyed today that I had to add my 2 cents. Here are the top issues I have with Apple first party software.

iTunes which I use everyday is really crummy. The streaming radio stations screw up pretty much everytime I use them. I pay for Apple Music mainly to make music management easy and iTunes makes it not easy. I want to see Apple reimagine iTunes into a version that actually works and is focused on music. If iTunes doesn’t get better this year I will reconsidering my Apple Music subscription. By better I don’t mean anything like the new Photos application.

Photos sucks. Apple had consumer/pro photography programs in iPhoto and Aperture and they replaced both of them with Photos which has almost no functionality. Unless Apple greatly improves Photos I will be purchasing something else to do photo management/editing with. This is a real dissapointment. Apple seems to now believe that software that does almost nothing is “simple”. I think it’s terrible. I want to get work done with my computer and software that does nearly nothing doesn’t enable that.

Dealing with Apple’s multimedia focused applications really made me mad today. Doesn’t anyone at Apple use their software to try and get work done anymore? How can they be proud of this crap. I have enjoyed being in the Apple ecosystem much more than I was when I ran Windows machines. If Apple doesn’t show some love to Mac OS and their first party apps this year I am going to have to consider going with another service provider over Apple as my default position going forward.