My birthday was on Sunday and I had a wonderful weekend. Memorial Day was yesterday so it was a three day weekend. On Saturday we mostly just hung out around the house although we did start my daughter on learning to ride a bike without training wheels. Last year she was really to big for the bike with training wheels but not big enough for the bike without them. This year she is almost to big for the small bike but she’s to small for her brother’s old bike. In the evening we went out to dinner and we picked the Texas Roadhouse a restaurant we haven’t eaten at as a family before. We had a real good time and the kids raved about┬átheir food which doesn’t happen often.

Sunday, my birthday, was a nice day which is unusual because it has rained on my birthday for most of the past half dozen years or so. We went over to my parents house and had lunch and socialized for a while and we all had a good time. In the evening the kids sang “Happy Birthday” to me and I got some really nice Cardinals items. I got a really spiffy hat and a t-shirt. Then we watched most of the Cardinals game on ESPN, they beat the Reds. The season finale of Mad Men was on so we watched that, this season has been better than the last one.

Monday we had lunch at the deli and ran some around some in town. I got an Apple Case for my iPad Mini which I had been wanting but I am not sure if I like it or if I am going to return it. The fold up cover that turns into the stand is harder to use than I expected it to be and it collapses much easier than it should. After running errands we relaxed a while and then it was back out to the cul-de-sak with my daughter to teach her to ride a bike. It didn’t take long at all before she was doing circles around the cul-de-sak with very little help from me. So I taught her how to get the bike going herself from being stopped. I taught her how to stop the bike using the brake. I had her try going from the cul-de-sak up the driveway then down it. So she picked up all the basics of riding a bike a yesterday which was awesome. Then she asked me to get my bike out and ride with her. We road around the cul-de-sak for quite a while. My wife came out and watched us ride and I road up the drive and talked to her for a minute. Then she asked Autumn to come in and on her last loop she went through a muddy patch and wiped out. She was a little banged up which wasn’t to bad but she was covered in mud which she didn’t like at all. We brought her in and got her cleaned up and then everything was alright because she was so happy to have picked up riding a bike.