We had a fun weekend full of activities with the kids. We like watching the “Red Green” show on PBS and last November I got a notice that he was coming to the Peoria Civic Center. I asked my wife if she was interested in going and if so we should take our son as well. My wife thought it sounded fun so I went ahead and bought the tickets.

Saturday we drove to my parents house and dropped off my daughter who is a little to young to sit through a late show an hour and a half from home. Then we headed to Bloomington to grab dinner. We stopped at Steak ‘N Shake which is my son’s favorite. However the place was a mess and the service was awful. I never count on great service at a diner but this was terrible. We barely made it out of the restaurant in time for the next leg of our trip.

We did get over to Peoria and parked in time to be a little early for the show. Downtown Peoria on a Saturday night was unexpectedly deserted. I was surprised there wasn’t more going on when the weather was nice.

We saw the show and had a good time. The show was really more of a book tour/comedy show. There is a new “Red Green” book out and if you bought one it was already signed on the inside cover. Steve Smith who plays “Red Green” was available after the show to write something else in your book. So we bought our son a book and stood in line to meet “Red Green” with him. Steve Smith is a really nice guy who stood for pictures with everyone who went through the line. Our son was really tickled by the experience and we were really glad we went to the show.

My wife had bought tickets to take our daughter to a ballet of Sleeping Beauty on Sunday at the Virginia Theater in Champaign. She thought it would be good for our daughter and that she would enjoy it. Our daughter got dressed up for the show which she usually not real cooperative about doing lately because she would rather be playing ninja. They had pretty good balcony seats and our daughter sat and watched for all but the last fifteen minutes or so when got squirmy.  My wife was asking her which part was her favorite on the way home and she said she didn’t have any but my wife said there was one part where she blurted out “that’s awesome!” during the show. When they got home my daughter was doing some ballet dancing in across the house so I am guessing she had a good time.