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Day: February 3, 2014

Not So Super Bowl

Yesterday we watched the Super Bowl and the best thing about it was the awesome Nacho plate and drinks my wife made. I am not a fan of either the Broncos or the Seahawks so I really didn’t care who one but the Broncos got blown out so there was no drama to the game at all. The other highlight to watching the Super Bowl is seeing the commercials and aside from the Radio Shack commercial with all the 80’s characters none of them were very interesting. The entire spectacle was so uninteresting I spent most of the game reading a book.

Amazon’s Kindle Platform Shortcomings

I love Amazon’s Kindle ebook platform. I have bought so many books cheaply that I have greatly enjoyed. I have bought so many books that I wouldn’t have bought at all if I wasn’t able to get them for $0.00-$2.99. So the basic ebook platform is great however there is an issue that has been a pain point for me for a while and another I just discovered today.

One of the features of the Kindle platform is Personal Documents the ability to upload your own PDF documents and read them on the Kindle. This is great except I mainly want to read PDF documents on a computer and the Kindle apps for Computers don’t support the personal documents feature.

I became a Amazon Prime customer this year and one the benefits of that program is the ability to check out certain Kindle ebooks for free. I have been reading the first book I checked out on my Kindle and I wanted to continue reading it today over lunch on my computer but only Kindle devices support that feature.

I really wish Amazon would make all the Kindle platform features available in all their Kindle software applications.

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