I recently tried running the Ghost blogging engine for this site and it didn’t go very well. The initial development version of Ghost was released in November and while it was impressive on a couple of fronts I decided it wasn’t what I was looking for.

Ghost was released with really nice support for themes so you didn’t end up with the situation some of the other blogging systems have where every blog looks the same especially when the default theme is ugly (I am looking at you Octopress).

Ghost had basically no way to import posts from any other platform and that was a big pain. The blog editor in Ghost breaks the browsers spell check feature which was a giant show stopper for me. When Ghost released 0.4.0 in early January the broken spell check issue was still there and that was the last time I considered actually using ghost.

I found a very nice Jekyll starter project called Hyde and with a few plugins and some design tweaks I have a pretty nice blog now. I am going to try and spend some more time writing and less time fiddling with blogging software.