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Month: October 2013

Cards Got Beat in Game 5

Well the Cardinals lost game 5 to put the Red Sox up 3-2 in the series. The Cards just plain got beat in game 5 without any of the weirdness or errors that happened in the previous games.

Game 6 is tonight and if the Cards loose that’s it for this season. Even if the Cards win tonight it will be very difficult to win two games in a row in Boston. The outlook for the Cards isn’t very good right now.

Fox Sports World Series Coverage is Terrible

Last nights World Series game was exciting and frustrating. The Cardinals scored 2 runs early in the game. Lance Lynne was on fire from the pitching mound. Then in the middle innings Lynne went off the rails and started walking hitters. Matheny left Lynne in to long and when he finally took him out he left the reliever in a bad spot. The reliever left a hanging sinker out over the plate and the Red Sox batter hit it out of the park.

The Cards were down 4 to 2 in the ninth inning when they started to get some traction with two outs. They had a man on first and they substituted a pinch runner for him. The batter was one of the Cards power hitters. Halfway through the at bat the Fox producers start showing crowd shots. While doing this the Red Sox pitcher throws to first base and the first baseman tags the runner out and the game is over.

Between the terrible production and the even worse booth commentary last nights game left me pissed off. The Cards lost and I didn’t get to see the play that ended the game when it happened. Way to go Fox.

An Exciting Game 3 of the World Series

My father is a huge fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and he has watched every game he could as I was growing up. When I was a kid I wasn’t that interested in watching baseball because it was to slow. Now though I can appreciate the beauty of the game and I to am a Cards fan.

This years baseball season has been very exciting. The Cardinals were one of the best teams in baseball until they hit a rough patch then made it a real race to see who would make it into the postseason. The NL Central was very compitive but the Cards pulled ahead and made into the playoffs. The Cards went on to become the NL champs and make it to the World Series against the AL champs the Red Sox.

The first game of the 2013 World Series was rough on Cards fans because the Cardinals players made a lot of mistakes and lost the game. In the second game the Red Sox returned the favor and made several mistakes that caused them to lose the game.

Last night was game 3 and Cards scored 2 runs early then in the Red Sox scored a run in each the next 2 innings to tie the game. The Cards went on to score 2 more runs then the Red Sox tied the game. In the ninth inning the game was tied and the Red Sox failed to score in their at bat.

The Cards were able to get men on second and third base with one out when the batter hit the ball to the second baseman. He threw the ball home and the catcher got the runner out by a mile. The Cardinal on second base had started to run to third when the second baseman threw the ball home. The catcher threw the ball to the third baseman but he made a lousey throw and the ball went by the third baseman. The third baseman ended up lying in the basepath and the Cardinals player started to run home but he got tangled up in the third basemans legs and he went down. The baserunner got up and proceeded to run home. The left fielder had come in and fielded the ball and he threw it home. The catcher caught the ball and tagged the baserunner before he got to the plate. I thought the inning was over and the game would go into extra innings. Then the home plate umpire called the runner safe and nobody could believe what was happing. The umpires called obstruction on the third baseman for blocking the runner.

I have never scene that particular call made before but the example given in the rulebook is that exact sequence of events so it couldn’t have been more clear to the umpires. It made for a very exciting game. However all three games so far have been decided by which team makes errors. I hope the rest of the games are a little cleaner since these are the two best teams in baseball this year.

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