As I was sitting on the couch last night I checked Twitter on my iPhone and one of the first tweets I read said Steve Jobs had passed away. I quickly pulled up Safari and checked CNN and Steve Jobs passing away was the lead story. I was greatly saddened by this news. Steve Jobs helped to create the personal computer as an idea. He drove the entire industry to create better hardware and software and to make computers more intuitive and easier to use.

My mom bought a version of the Apple II around the time I was starting high school at the time I didn’t get into it that much. Since my mom was teacher she had older model Macs for several years. My first real exposure to a Mac was when I was working for a publishing company and we used Quark Express on really old Macs running System 7 as the operating system. By this time in my life I loved computers of all kinds and was learning everything I could about computers and operating systems of all types.

It wasn’t until years later when I was attending college and that I was able to buy my first Mac. With the release of Mac OS X I had developed a real interest in Apple. I was studying computer science in college and I wanted a laptop computer to use for school so I bought a 12″ PowerBook. I loved everything about that computer the portability, the aluminum enclosure, the joy I got from using it. From that day forward I primarily used a Mac at home even as I was a Windows developer at my day job.

A few years after I got my first Mac I bought an iPod Mini. I had a long commute for years and having my own music in the car made it so much more tolerable. When the iPhone 3G came out I bought one and fell in love it. I had a hand held computer straight out of science fiction that just blew my mind. When the iPhone 4 came out I upgraded from my 3G and bought my wife one as well. The products Steve Jobs designed have made our lives better and I think that is what Steve was always trying to do.