My family had a scare last month when my father had a health issue that totally hit us out of the blue. My father was loosing control of his legs. My mom and brother were able to get my father to the emergency room at the hospital of the small town he lives in. They did some tests and arranged for him to sent to the larger and better equipped hospital 30 miles away. My mom called me from the hospital and said they were taking my dad for an MRI. At midnight mom called me and said they were going to do surgery on my dad and I should come to the hospital. I drove over to the hospital and sat with my mom until 4:15 am when the doctor came to talk to us about the surgery. My dad had a small tumor next to his spine that was bleeding and impacting the spinal cord. The doctor removed and he was cautiously optimistic that my dad would make a full recovery.

My dad spent a few days in the hospital and then he was moved to the nursing home in his home town because it has a good physical therapist. My dad is very slowly regaining movement in his legs and we are hoping for the best.